Read Author J. E. McCarthy’s McGinn Family Saga

Counting Crossroads

Book Three of the McGinn Family Saga

When alone in our thoughts, the mind turns to memories and choices made at the many crossroads in life.

The world is changing fast for the McGinns; they have electricity and with that comes a radio to hear the news of the world. But the news outside of Maine is not very happy. The third book in the McGinn family saga follows the lives of the siblings' growth to adulthood, and the many challenges that come with the adult world. Mary relies on tradition and strength to shepherd her flock through marriages and death in Depression era, Maine.

Jobs are still scarce, but the McGinn family keeps growing and the family members work to find their place in the world. Mary McGinn finds herself faced with an alcoholic son-in-law and a grandchild suffering from a childhood illness. Patrick becomes restless with life on the farm, which threatens to drive a wedge between him and his closest brother Alston.

Finn and Ruth meet the loves of their lives and the Moreland Store turns into Moreland corner, complete with new businesses to serve the people who live out of town. Their happiness is short-lived however, when Albert Merrill is released from prison and once again puts himself on a collision course with the Morelands and McGinns.

Come along on this journey and follow the McGinns from the late 1930s to the absolute brink of World War Two.

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